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Our Final Mileage

A lot of people have been asking how many miles we covered, and I'm sure everyone who entered our Guess The Final Mileage competition is wondering the same. We left Dunfermline on the morning of 21st July and arrived in Ulaanbaatar four and a half weeks later, after covering an amazing 9,831.6 miles. On arriving in UB our car was…

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Back at work today - where have the last 5 weeks gone :-( But look, I've just found the Rickshaw Run!

Arrived Heathrow last night - Just eaten enough food to feed a small country - On way to Stansted for easyjet flight home - Missing my wee fiesta :-(

So What Happened In Mongolia?

Well we are now sitting in Moscow airport, waiting for our connecting flight to Heathrow. Our adventure is almost over :( Mongolia was amazing but very, very, hard work. As we approached the Russian / Mongolian border at Tashanta last Thursday we thought we were near the end, we were - but a whole new adventure was about to start.…

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Out of Ulaanbaatar

Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad - that's the best way to describe Mongolia. It's harder to get out of UB than it was to get in - but after a lot of leg work we've managed to find flights home via Moscow, should be home late Friday - so back to work on Monday :-( assuming Aeroflot don't live up…

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In to Ulaanbaatar

So after 7 time zones, 8 and a half flat tyres and 53 midgy bites we've finally arrived in UB :-)) Boy it's been a tough ride the last few days - got here late last night - lots to sort out (and beer to be drank) so will write more soon. Right which way is home?

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This spot holds a special place in my heart.

Back Of Beyond

Well, we made it to Mongolia yesterday :-) and since then the going's been tough. The roads ... if that's what you can call them ... are more like dirt tracks, in fact they are dirt tracks. We're making 20mph at best and have another 800 miles or so to UB. We're now in Khovd, so should be in UB…

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River Katun, Russian Altai region — Gorgeous.

Split from convoy at Barnaul. The other two cars are heading north for lake Baikal, we are off south to Tashanta & Tsagaannuur. Hope to make the Mongolian border tonight.

After a brief 4 and half hrs at the border we are finally in Russia. On route to Barnual - I can smell Mongolia.

Stopped many times yesterday as the mini we are travelling with has suspension problems, making progress slow, hope to make Russian border today.

Sunrise from camp — Kazakhstan

Attacked by big pot hole – flat tyre number 3 – new jack worked a treat.

Roads are quite entertaining today - a bit like the Mouse Trap at Blackpool pleasure beach. Now about 50km from Ayagoz in Kazakhstan.

Just noticed we've got a bullet size hole (from a stone I hope) in the headlight, still works ok though. Can't find stone .... or bullet.

Still on the road through Kaz, camped last night. It's a rather nippy 25C this morning, brrr ;-)

Left Almaty this morning, travelling with Team Fiesta and MongolMini Red. Roads good so far but sure that will change.

The Last Few Days

First internet caf. for a wee while and sooo much has happened it’s hard to remember. Arriving in Turkmenistan was totally crazy, I thought the Romania/Bulgaria border was mad - but this was ... well ... indescribable (although I will try when I’ve got more time). Ashgabat was great, driving was very civilised ... they use roundabouts the same way…

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Made it to Kazakhstan. Bumped into a 2005 London-to-Tashkent rally team. So far roads in Kaz have been v good & border was a breeze - something's bound to change.


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