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The Palace of Versailles

The palace of Versailles — opulent, luxurious and regal. The royal chateaux and gardens are just 12 miles from the centre of Paris which makes for an easy day trip. Once you’ve finished touring the palace be sure to wander through the gardens, past the grand canal to the Trianon palaces and Marie-Antoinette’s estate. It was wonderful to see the…

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Mount Nemrut - Turkey

The Heads of Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut is a 2,000 meter peak in southern Turkey and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our curiosity was peaked by the huge statue heads that lay scattered around the summit encircling what is thought to be a royal tomb dating back to 1 BC. We were repeatedly told that we needed a 4-wheel-drive to get to the top, mainly by agents…

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  • April 10, 2016
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Hello Adventurous World!

Over a glass of wine a few months back my wife and I sat reminiscing about all the far-flung place we've visited over the years — and once we started everything came flooding back. Things we had completely forgotten about popped into our heads from nowhere. We sat here laughing to ourselves at the ridiculous things that had happened, the…

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  • January 1, 2010
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… and much more still to come!

OMG, there's so much more to write about and so little time to do it. It'll take years. I wish I'd kept a diary while we travelled. I rarely exaggerate, but if you're interested in reading about my night with an alligator sized gecko in Cambodia, stay tuned. Or how about tales of us drinking special tea in Kochi, setting…

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  • March 4, 2006
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Our Adventurous Website

This post is in memory of our original website, launched in preparation for our Mongol Rally adventure in 2006. In 2016, on its tenth anniversary, it was completely overhauled and relaunched. Welcome to our new, new, website … Welcome to Our Adventurous World.

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