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Goodbye India, Goodbye Nepal

Well, that's us on our way home now - we're sitting in Doha airport reminiscing about days gone by. We'd like to say a big thanks to everyone that's helped & supported us, and made our ickle adventure possible. A special thanks goes to all the confused locals who pointed in vague directions when a white man shouted badly pronounced…

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Some Important Stats

The miles are in and counted, and the results from the Indian & Nepali judges are: 4334 Kilometres Covered 650 Rupees of Fines (about 8 quid) 240 Litres of Petrol (about 150 quids worth) 30 Cuts & Bruises 24 Lost Bolts 14 Road Blocks Avoided 9 Minor Crashes 8 Litres of Oil 2 Road Kill 1 Major Breakdown and a…

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Arrived Kathmandu

Namaste from Kathmandu - So we've made it alive and in one piece ... and what an adventure. We left Mamallapuram about 10 days ago in the pouring rain - weather proofed the rickshaw with a tarp and hit Chennai, where we got totally lost for hours, driving through huge puddles and getting soaked by spray from overtaking busses. The…

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Washed and clean, now out for beer. More stories when we find an internet caf. tomorrow.

And so we have arrived in Kathmandu, but not without one final accident. Time for a well deserved wash – oh and a few beers.

Passed through amazing mountain pass, now sipping tea and eating pakora in Pokhara :-D

Disaster has struck ... we've run out of gaffer tape :-( Have had to re-attach windscreen with screws.

Made it to Chitwan national park last night, saw lots of huge elephants. Now tackling mountain pass heading for Pokhara.

Stayed in Dharan Bazar last night, pushing on today. Everyone is smiling and waving at us.

For the Love of Momos

We arrived in to Dharan Bazar just after dark, found somewhere to stay, then set out on foot to explore the local town square and fill our grumbling stomachs. Being quite hungry we were quickly drawn to the south-eastern corner where there were a few food stalls. One stall in particular seemed busy, so I tried what can only be…

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Nepali momos are just like Polish pierogies - Mmmm guess what we'll be living on.

Crossed into Nepal, tea with border guards. Good roads, but have an oil leak!

Roof ripped off tuk tuk like a tin of sardines, gaffer tape to the rescue, pranged a jeep and first glimpse of Everest, its tiny.

Back on the road in a mo, looking forward to more potholes, speeding trucks, rogue cows and suicidal chickens.

Had a nice day relaxing - spent all afternoon sipping tea and exchanging war stories - having withdrawal symptoms so back on the road tomorrow.

Day off in Darjeeling today, going by jeep to tiger hill and then shopping for thermal underwear – heading for Nepal tomorrow.

Nearly lost the engine out of ricky, all bolts now tightened daily. Spent the afternoon climbing steep hill to Darjeeling, where we are now - lovely but freezing.

Feels like progress at last – crossed the Ganges yesterday, now about 150 clicks from Darjeeling. Lost 1st gear & driving in thick freezing fog all morning.

Some shadows across the road look like speed bumps, most speed bumps look like shadows, everything else is a pot hole, progress is slow.

Slow going today, got lost, 4 minor crashes, a broken wing mirror and a burst petrol can - having lunch now - hopefully this afternoon will be better.


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