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Are We Really Doing This?

Are We Really Doing This?

Whayhay … at last, after several months waiting and two false starts we’ve finally signed up for this year’s Mongol Rally. It should have opened for signup over a week ago but each time they delayed it at the last minute.

Of course I couldn’t just sit back and wait like everyone else, I had to email Tom at rally HQ and help fix problems they were having with their signup process, at least it kept me occupied.

I must admit to being a little stressed though. Reading the Rally forums each day it was obvious there was going to be quite a bit of interest, and with space for only 100 teams I was worried we wouldn’t get on. Luckily I was on the ball, because it sold out in under 2 hours.

So now we’re all signed up we can start sorting out sponsorship and fund raising. First up is a car though – watch this space.


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