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Automotive Makeover

Automotive Makeover

Black paint turned out to be quite expensive, so we settled for a rather subtle shade of red, with a white stripe. We are getting some very strange looks as we drive down the road now, I can’t quite imagine why 😉

The car has now been checked over and serviced by our friendly mechanic, Stevie, from Babcock Lauder Training, who incidentally described our lovely little car as a “disaster”. He pointed out the rusty chassis by sticking his finger right through it, so now a trip to the welders is called for.

Also, a big thanks goes out to Peoples Ford and Pentland Components in Edinburgh and Watsons scrap yard in Inverkeithing, who generously donated most of the parts we’ve needed so far.

We’re going to give the car a good run this weekend, hopefully to Land’s End and back. Don’t worry though, I’ll have my AA card with me just in case.

Here’s a wee video we made as we painted the car.



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