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Back Of Beyond

Back Of Beyond

Well, we made it to Mongolia yesterday πŸ™‚ and since then the going’s been tough.

The roads … if that’s what you can call them … are more like dirt tracks, in fact they are dirt tracks. We’re making 20mph at best and have another 800 miles or so to UB. We’re now in Khovd, so should be in UB on Sunday/Monday.

Our mobiles can receive messages but not send, so updates will be few and far between. We’ll try and post another update before UB, no promises though.

BTW: Altai region of Russia was loooovvvvellly.

Oh, flat tyre No 4, and found the source of one of our rattles – it was the alternator about to fall off. Many more rattles and squeaks from the Mongolian roads, we’re sure the exhaust will be off before long.



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