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Cooking On Vodka

Cooking on Vodka

We’ve been really busy over the last few weeks. Hunting for a car, jabs from the doctor, travel insurance, health insurance cards, international driving permits, it’s amazing how much time all these little things take – and the biggie is still to come – visas.

We’ve been in the local paper too. The Dunfermline Press did quite a good write up and as a result we’ve been invited to the HMS Caledonia’s Summer Fair. We are going to be stood there, probably in the rain, telling everyone who’ll listen about our mad little journey and shoogling a donation bucket, it should be a good laugh though. I’ve enlisted the help of our mate Brett. He was meant to be coming with us to Mongolia, as a three-in-a-car team but couldn’t get the time off work. Looks like he’ll be coming part of the way though, to Prague at least.

On Saturday we were in Tiso, the Camping and Outdoor shop, to pick up a few essentials. The folk there were brilliant. They demoed a few multi-fuel camping stoves for us. These things are great, they can run on just about anything, gas, kerosene, petrol, if its flammable it’ll work. So naturally when I got it home I put it through its paces … with vodka, yep that works too 🙂 So in the event that we’re lost somewhere in the depths of Russia, with only a bottle of vodka we can relax safe in the knowledge that we can still cook … drinking it would never cross our minds 😉


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