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Home To Bratislava

Home to Bratislava

After a long & hot drive down we arrived in London around 6pm and headed off to the pre-rally shindig.

The number of cars at Hyde Park the next day was awesome.

We eventually tracked down our passports, but found we were still missing the all-elusive Turkmenistan visa. Assured that permission would be granted in the next couple of days, and we could pick up the appropriate visa en-route, we waited for the off.

The Start Line @HydePark
Leaving London

We made Dover for 16:30 and were on our way through France by 20:30. Drove through a lightning storm and torrential rain, got lost in Germany and after a 3 hour sleep stop made Prague for 3pm.

Driving through Prague was mad. We managed to get the car grounded on a curb that separates the road from the tram lanes. We scraped the bottom of the car but doesn’t look like any damage has been done.

Pulled Over

We got pulled over by a not-so-friendly Czech copper, for driving past a no-entry sign and for driving without our lights on, both accidental may I add. He tried it on at first, asking for 500 dollars (seemed excessive, though maybe that was my misunderstanding), after a while he came down to 500 crowns (about 15 quid) before we offered him 8 euros – which didn’t impress him. I think he got bored so just let us go.

We met loads of other ralliers at Cafe Dinitz for a bit of a knees-up, then hit the sack just after midnight.

We’re in Bratislava just now with 4 other team. We’ll be saying goodbye to Brett and heading for Hungary and Romania shortly.

Series: The Mongol Rally


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