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On The Road Again

On The Road Again

We were back on the road again yesterday – it felt good. Got our transit visas from the Turkmen. embassy and headed for the Caspian Sea.

We got pulled over by the cops for overtaking where I shouldn’t have — I helped them practice counting to ten in English and we were back on the road 😆

Then we got pulled over a second time, once again for overtaking where I shouldn’t have – this time it was a blue van in front that pulled on to the hard shoulder and waved me past, so I overtook straight into a police checkpoint. After explaining in my best sign language we were back on the road — watch out for blue van man — evil.

Then we got another flat tyre — a slow puncture this time because we’d bent the wheel rim. And we had problems with the jack again (I must try and get a smaller one). Two guys on a moped stopped to help and we were on our way in no time.

We’re now about 600km from Turkmenistan.


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