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Stuck In Tehran

Stuck in Tehran

We’re having a few problems with our car.

We crossed into Iran on Monday and can’t get a mobile signal even though Vodafone said we would 😡 so no mobile updates for the time being.

We arrived in Tehran last night about 7pm and hit rush hour. The car then decided it would be a good time to die on us. So there we were sitting on Azadi Street, one of the main duel-carriageways in Tehran, with no means to go anywhere. Eventually two guys came over to help and we flagged down a taxi to tow us to a car park, where we dumped the car and found a hotel for the night.

This morning the same taxi driver towed us to a garage where we got it started, but it turns out the starter motor is dead 🙁 The mechanic is working on it as I type.

But apart from that everything is fine. Keeping my fingers crossed for the starter motor – Julie might have to push after all.

Oh … and we still need to pick up our Turkmenistan visas from the embassy – so fingers crossed on that one too.


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