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The Mongolmobile

The Mongolmobile

So with 8 and a bit weeks to go we finally have a car. Our chariot of choice is a 15 year old Ford Fiesta Popular aka “the banger”, which we picked up from Newcastle on Sunday. It’s a rather stylish two tone red with designer bumps, scrapes and rust spots, although we are thinking of painting it black.

It’ll happily do 80mph – going down a biiiiiig hill, I’m sure it could do more but I had to test the breaks before the speed camera got me.

Will it get us to Ulaanbaatar? Who knows, but it’ll be fun finding out.

There’s been plenty of other rally stuff keeping us busy over the last week or so, but mainly it’s been visas. We’ve now applied for 7 – Iran, Turkmen, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Kazak, Russian & Mongolian. An awful lot of confusing form filling and an awful lot of money.

For the Iranian visa photos Julie had to wear a Hijab (an Iranian head scarf), it was fun standing at the photo booth in the local shopping centre trying to put it on her, tucking in her hair and ears, she looks so funny with it on.


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