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… And Much More Still To Come!

… and much more still to come!

OMG, there’s so much more to write about and so little time to do it. It’ll take years. I wish I’d kept a diary while we travelled.

I rarely exaggerate, but if you’re interested in reading about my night with an alligator sized gecko in Cambodia, stay tuned. Or how about tales of us drinking special tea in Kochi, setting fire to a restaurant in Edinburgh, diving with Nemo in Bora Bora, of suspiciously filled bottles in Nicauragua, the ascent of Mount Nemrut, or the amazing spring rolls of Luang Prabang … to name but a few … then don’t go anywhere.

Then there’s a whole host of bizarre tales from the likes of the Mongol Rally, the Rickshaw Run, south-east Asia and our Greek island hopping escapade. Border crossings and checkpoints are usually good for a story or two, and boy have we got some coming – from being offered hookers and heroin in Turkmenistan to sipping tea with the boarder guards in Nepal, and from being disinfected in Bulgaria to ducking under the border fence into Russia for an illegal money exchange while a solider pointed his Kalashnikov at us.

In essence, there’s a whole lot more still to come, so please sign up to our mailing list and stay tuned.

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