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Home to Bratislava

After a long & hot drive down we arrived in London around 6pm and headed off to the pre-rally shindig. The number of cars at Hyde Park the next day was awesome. We eventually tracked down our passports, but found we were still missing the all-elusive Turkmenistan visa. Assured that permission would be granted in the next couple of days,…

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Bulgarian Police Car

It was late, almost midnight-late, and we'd had a long day on the road, through Romania, across a rather bizarre border into Bulgaria and pushed on, well past our bedtime. Earlier in the day we'd witness the sneaky local police, hiding behind a bush with a speed camera. But we'd had the flash of headlights from a friendly local and…

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Mount Nemrut - Turkey

The Heads of Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut is a 2,000 meter peak in southern Turkey and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our curiosity was peaked by the huge statue heads that lay scattered around the summit encircling what is thought to be a royal tomb dating back to 1 BC. We were repeatedly told that we needed a 4-wheel-drive to get to the top, mainly by agents…

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Eastern Turkey

Hello from Eastern Turkey, we're in Dogubayazit near the Iranian border at the moment, a large dusty town not worth stopping in except for internet access - but with a Turkish keyboard - arrrrgg. It's been a bit of a slog through Turkey the last few days. The roads are mad at times - main roads suddenly come to an…

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A Dogubayazit Haircut

Today I went to a genuine Turkish barbers. I know it was genuine because it was actually in Turkey, in the far east of the country, in a little town called Dogubayazit. Although it's close to the Iranian border and in the shadow of Mt Ararat, I doubt they see many tourists. I was long overdue a haircut, and while…

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So What Happened In Mongolia?

Well we are now sitting in Moscow airport, waiting for our connecting flight to Heathrow. Our adventure is almost over :( Mongolia was amazing but very, very, hard work. As we approached the Russian / Mongolian border at Tashanta last Thursday we thought we were near the end, we were - but a whole new adventure was about to start.…

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  • January 1, 2010
  • News

… and much more still to come!

OMG, there's so much more to write about and so little time to do it. It'll take years. I wish I'd kept a diary while we travelled. I rarely exaggerate, but if you're interested in reading about my night with an alligator sized gecko in Cambodia, stay tuned. Or how about tales of us drinking special tea in Kochi, setting…

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