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Leaving Cochin

Ah there you are! Wow, we've been on the road now for a few days, and in India for a week ... life is totally crazy. We left Cochin 3 days ago and headed east into the mountains, up a winding road, and spent the night freezing our butts off as we'd left the sleeping bags at home ... not…

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India Map - Rajahmundry To Cuttack

End of the Road

Somewhere between Rajahmundry and Cuttack. With the sun starting to set we were conscious that we needed to find a bed for the night. According to the map we were close to the next town, but weren't quite sure how far we had left to go. Up ahead we spotted the overhead gantries of the next toll plaza. Coming from…

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For the Love of Momos

We arrived in to Dharan Bazar just after dark, found somewhere to stay, then set out on foot to explore the local town square and fill our grumbling stomachs. Being quite hungry we were quickly drawn to the south-eastern corner where there were a few food stalls. One stall in particular seemed busy, so I tried what can only be…

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Arrived Kathmandu

Namaste from Kathmandu - So we've made it alive and in one piece ... and what an adventure. We left Mamallapuram about 10 days ago in the pouring rain - weather proofed the rickshaw with a tarp and hit Chennai, where we got totally lost for hours, driving through huge puddles and getting soaked by spray from overtaking busses. The…

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  • January 1, 2010
  • News

… and much more still to come!

OMG, there's so much more to write about and so little time to do it. It'll take years. I wish I'd kept a diary while we travelled. I rarely exaggerate, but if you're interested in reading about my night with an alligator sized gecko in Cambodia, stay tuned. Or how about tales of us drinking special tea in Kochi, setting…

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