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Valle De La Luna

Valle de la Luna

Moon Valley was given its name by Neil Armstrong for looking like the surface of the moon — if anyone should know it is Mr A. himself, although it is highly unlikely that they have cactus up there.

These impressive rock formations are only a short ride from central La Paz. We had our hotel arrange a car and driver — which was an excellent decision, given the short amount of time we had. We charged though the city at breakneck speed, like in a real-life arcade racing game, it reminded me of playing Burnout on the PS2.

Moon Valley itself is rather impressive. The entrance is bizarrely guarded by a Star Wars AT-AT Walker, and once past we wandered around both of the set routes.

Star Wars AT-AT Walker guarding Moon Valley
Star Wars AT-AT Walker guarding Moon Valley

While it is possible to hire a guide, we simply wandered around for a couple of hours, exploring the trails and enjoying the tranquillity, before playing high-speed dodgems all the way back to central La Paz.

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