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We'd both been choked with the cold for a couple of days, and it was cold, damp and dreary outside. But we caught the bus from Krakow to Oswiecim and asked the driver to shout when we arrived. He did, though he needn't have, as the rest of the bus were here to visit the same place we were —…

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I have visited Krakow many times over the years. In fact, Krakow is probably my most visited city outside of the UK. With fond memories of feeding the pigeons as a child, and of horse drawn carriage rides around Rynek Glówny, Krakow has something that just keeps drawing me back. The picturesque old town square, with the Sukiennice cloth hall…

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Abu Simbel

Our arrival in to Abu Simbel was quite something. The short flight from Aswan slammed down on to the tarmac as if announcing our arrival to the great pharaoh Ramesses II himself, whose temples we had come to visit. The small temple of Queen Nefertari and the great temple of Ramesses II stand proud on the banks of Lake Nasser.…

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