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Eventually arrived in Raniganj & found another crap hotel with yet more over attentive staff who just want tips. Hitting the road again in a mo.

Left Hw-5 behind, we've been on it for nearly 5 days. Pothole dodging is impossible now, you just have to choose the least destructive route through.

Stayed in Bhadrak last night. Been playing dodge the pothole all morning. Tuktuk appears much better today - touch wood. Pushing on to Kharagpur.

Mechanic did mechanicy stuff to our tuktuk & we’re back on the road again – not much progress today – 2 hrs daylight left, need to find hotel.

TukTuk just ground to halt on highway, 2nd time in 2 hrs, towed by a local tuktuk driver to garage near Cuttack - still don't know what's wrong.

Drove until 8pm last night until the highway came to an abrupt end & turned into building site. Now 450 clicks to Calcutta.

India Map - Rajahmundry To Cuttack

End of the Road

Somewhere between Rajahmundry and Cuttack. With the sun starting to set we were conscious that we needed to find a bed for the night. According to the map we were close to the next town, but weren't quite sure how far we had left to go. Up ahead we spotted the overhead gantries of the next toll plaza. Coming from…

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Stayed in nice hotel last night in Rajahmundry - or raj-i'm-a-hungry as we've been calling it. Been on this road for 2 days now & only just 1/2 way to Calcutta.

A day in the life of a tuktuk driver - 2 minor accidents, a broken speedo, 1 repaired exhaust, a fine and 500 km under our belt - roll on tomorrow.

Just had the best eggy toast pancake thingy for breaky from a stall at side of road - Julie now driving and has broken the speedo :-(

Heading up the coast along the bay of bengal, we're 1400km from Calcutta.

Leaving Cochin

Ah there you are! Wow, we've been on the road now for a few days, and in India for a week ... life is totally crazy. We left Cochin 3 days ago and headed east into the mountains, up a winding road, and spent the night freezing our butts off as we'd left the sleeping bags at home ... not…

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Route Update: After much deliberating, humming & haa-ing, and pen pointing at maps we have decided to skip Varanasi and head straight for Calcutta and Darjeeling.

Lots of half finished roads today, 10km good then 20km bad. Stopped in Mamallapuram for the afternoon & found a nice hotel, but it costs a whopping £2.

Been on the road since 6am, now about 200k's from Chennai, stayed in a flea hole last night but it only cost us pennies.

Near miss #64: Adam reverses rickshaw into elephant :-)

Past through Madurai 2 hrs ago, going is slow and v bumMmPppY. Writing this as Julie drives, her style of driving is well suited to the madness here ;-)

Morning views around Munnar

Made it as far as Munnar on day 1. Worked out a full tank of petrol will do us 150km-ish ... because that's as far as we got before we ran out.

Been on the road now for about 2 hrs and covered 60kms, most of that lost in Cochin, roads are ok, heading for Munnar tonight.


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