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Stopping for directions, we were handed this note and directed through a petrol station forecourt … needless to say we were still lost.

And ... well ... we're lost :(

Spent the morning ironing out wee glitches with our tuk tuk. Now sitting on the start line in Cochin. Should be on the road within the hour eeek

Happy New Year from the 2 crazy fools in Cochin. Its 2am and just been for a New Year's dip. Being eaten alive by mozzies but loving every minute of it ... so far.

Arrived in Cochin yesterday & just had our first shot in a tuk tuk, it was sooo much fun :-D 2morrow we decorate it.

Arrived Delhi this morning just been in 1st auto-rickshaw, OMG we're in trouble. Driving's crazy but seen worse so I'm sure we'll manage. 1st real Indian food - delish.

Right, the time has come, we're off to the airport - next stop Delhi, assuming the fog has lifted and they don't cancel any more flights - keeping fingers crossed.

It’s Almost Time

Well it's only a few days before we head off, and the nerves are setting in. What on Earth are we doing! Anyway, here's our plan - On Boxing Day we fly out to India and we'll spend a couple of days acclimatising in Delhi. Just before the New Year we'll fly down to Cochin and get ourselves set for…

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Win Win Win

** The prize draw is now closed ** We held a prize draw to raise money, with every penny going to our charities. Up for grabs was: An iPod shuffle An in-car sat-nav system A £20 gift/drinks voucher for Costa Coffee 2 Family Day Tickets for Knockhill To enter all you needed to do was make a donation to charity.…

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Just got our passports back from the Nepalese embassy, so that’s all the paperwork out of the way … can’t wait to get going now.


I got told off yesterday by the chap in the Indian embassy ... for not sitting in the correct order while waiting for our visa. We'd all been given a number, and everyone was just sitting where they wanted, waiting for their turn. Not good enough apparently. Everyone should have been sitting in the correct order and then shuffling down the line…

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Driving Permits

We picked up our International Driving Permits at the weekend, spent nearly an hour trying to convince the chap in the post office that he should stamp the bit of the permit that allows us to drive 3 wheeled vehicles. He wasn’t having it to start with but we eventually pulled it off. We also picked up a few maps…

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Time Flies

Where has all the time gone? It's almost the end of the year, what with only 8 weeks to go it's starting to hit home what we're actually doing. To say we are organised would be a lie - a big fat lie. So what is sorted? Well, flights and jabs, and  ... erm ... that's it. We've got a…

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The Rickshaw Run – India Calling

With memories of the Mongol Rally fading fast, we decided it was time for another crazy adventure, this time through India and Nepal in an auto-rickshaw. And once again you can keep abreast with our madness right here with our pre-rally warm up, and then get all the gory details when we hit the road just after Christmas.

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